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     For 24 years Jean worked in the Creative Department of Antioch Publishing Company, the last 12 as the Creative Director. Now retired, and her two sons grown with families of their own, Jean is able to join her artist husband Lance in the pursuit of her personal artwork out of their home studio in Yellow Springs, Ohio. her formal art career began at Columbus College of Art and Design, where a BFA degree, an lots of knowledge and training was obtained. Moving on to The University of Cincinnati for an MFA in Drawing, Jean created mounds of drawings and prints, exhibiting mostly in the Columbus, Cincinnati, and Chicago areas in various group shows. Locally Jean has had solo shows at the former Center Stage Gallery and former Would You, Could You Gallery.


     The majority of my artwork comes about through the wielding of my ink pen on a blank sheet of paper, although I love the lushness of color and paint itself, and occasionally indulge in painting. The essence of my work is the spontaneous creativity I am involved in during its formation. That is why the drawing media is most appropriate to me - a painting relies more heavily on some planning, some vision of how it will complete itself and how the colors play on one another. As I begin a drawing, no matter it's size or how ambitious, I allow personal influences and reactions to a given photograph or image (my 'subject') to guide it's recreation on my page. Sometimes the interest is inherent in the expression or pose of the subject. Other times through its multiplication or repetition the meaning is expanded or changed. Once a drawing or painting begins to project a definite mood, or present unique possibilities, I begin making decisions as to the best solutions to express whatever is emerging. While I explore many formal elements - space, contrast, texture, color, etc. - continually in my work, the use of the human element allows it to surpass a formalistic or aesthetic exercise. 

     I like to believe that each viewer has a personal and possibly unique reaction to each of my drawings or paintings; much as they would when meeting a new person, or studying a stranger in public. I can begin to suggest something more sometimes through the use of a title, but I really would rather the viewer create their own story.

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